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BPMS Administrator 6 and Tester 5 Trial Version
The Trial Version is a fully functional copy of the BPMS software program available for downlaod. For your convenience, it comes pre-populated with real-life data so you can explore BPMS functionality easier. The only restriction is on the number of backflow prevention devices that can be added (30). During the trial, you will be treated as a regular customer, with all the same privileges, including access to our toll-free technical support (some restrictions apply).
How to Order Trial Version or Upgrade Trial Version?
There are 2 ways to order your copy of the Trial Version:

1. Send an email to with the subject Trial Version Request
    Put the following details in your email:
    - Company Name
    - Company Address
    - Your name and family name
    - Your phone number at work
    - your email address

    - specify which Trial version you require ADMINISTRATOR or TESTER

2. Call us to order your Free Trial Version today!
   1-877-250-2698  (Toll-Free US & Canada) or
   1-604-419-1830  (Local Telephone Line)
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